This site is not English translated. I will just try to help you to find your way in the french menu. If you took french at school,  it's time to remind it. If you were watching Hustler or Playboy instead of listening the teacher, I hope the explanations below will help you.


The "JOE BAR TEAM" page is about a motorcycle comic book made by french designer. It's full of pictures, there is no translation needed for image.

The "MOTARDES" page doesn't need translation. It contains pictures of women riding bikes. I don't know if they have their licenses to do it. Click on the sign to see them.

The " PEUGEOT   304" page is about an antique french car that I had the pleasure to own until a few month ago. It's a convertible that gave me a lot of fun. You will find a nice pictures galerie.

The "CAFE RACER" page is about those fantastics motorbikes that people like you and me, or sometimes whith a lot more qualification in mechanics, have build to make them go faster. Using parts of differents bikes to take the best of each. It is mainly pictures that you will find on thoses pages.

The "VOUS et vos motos" means "YOU and your bikes" is a page for you, you can send me a picture of you and your bike with a fews words, (click on my e-mail below) and i will include it in the galerie.

The "LIENS VROUM VROUM" page is a motorbike links page (french and english). All of them will bring you outside of my site. There is many links in english.

The other pages have mainly text on them, if you feel all right with french, go for it in the french menu.

Have a nice ride.

And if you have any comments, i will be very glad if you write me. In english of course.

Write me: vavroum@wanadoo.fr